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Department of Communication, Liberal Arts, and Social Sciences

BS in Technical Communication

The CLASS Department offers an industry-endorsed Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication. The BS in Technical Communication is perfect for students who like science and technology but who also like writing, web design, video production, or social media.

 Students in our program have also worked fun and exciting internships at places such as Intel, Sandia National Laboratories, Idaho National Laboratories, Cray Supercomputer, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, and Walt Disney and have gone on to great jobs in science writing and technical editing, social media marketing and publicity, grant writing, and web and visual design.

BS in Technical Communication

Program Description

Our program includes a variety of courses introducing students to technical writing and editing, visual and persuasive communication, and media studies. Students also specialize in a specific science or engineering discipline (e.g., computer science, biology, geology) and can mix in courses on creative writing, the history and politics of science and technology, and even film.


Our core classes provide students with opportunities to work on real-world projects that are fun and that provide crucial job skills. Students are also required to complete a 60- hour internship and to complete a capstone, original research project in their senior year. Some students have even published their capstone thesis project.